Trevor Lawrence: Weather no excuse, I have to play better

The Jaguars opened Sunday’s game against the Eagles with two quick touchdowns, but their 14-0 lead was gone by halftime and they wound up 29-21 losers on a wet and blustery day in Philadelphia.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence had a big hand in the turnaround. Lawrence lost four fumbles and threw an interception over the final three quarters of the game and the Eagles turned those takeaways into 22 points that fueled their victory.

Lawrence opened his postgame press conference by saying “I have to play better” and said the fact that the weather was rough wasn’t an excuse for his poor performance.

“Not really. It rains a ton obviously in Florida,” Lawrence said. “Today it was the wind and everything, it was pretty brutal. At the end of the day no excuses we’re both playing in it. Like I said just really frustrated right now. Excited to watch the tape and it’s going to be brutal just to watch it and all the missed opportunities and things that we had. I mean with four turnovers and to still have a chance to go with the game at the end it doesn’t usually happen. It shows we played well in other areas. We’ve got to clean that up and we will and I’m confident in that. It definitely sucks right now.”

The Jaguars will be hoping for better conditions at home next weekend as they go from the undefeated Eagles to the winless Texans in Week Five.