Patrick Mahomes: When OL dominates like that, it makes my job easier

The Chiefs were in Tampa on Sunday night and that made it hard not to think about their last visit to the city.

Super Bowl LV did not go well for the Chiefs as the Bucs overwhelmed their offensive line and pressured Patrick Mahomes constantly en route to a 31-9 victory. Sunday night’s game featured the same two teams, but it played out very differently.

The Chiefs ran the ball easily all night and Mahomes threw three touchdown passes in a 41-31 victory. The win can’t erase what happened in February 2021, of course, but it did leave Mahomes feeling good about the guys charged with blocking for him.

“They made our team roll today,” Mahomes said, via Herbie Teope of the Kansas City Star. “That’s a great defense, great defensive line. . . . When they dominate like that, it makes my job a lot easier.”

The Chiefs offense had an off day in their Week Three loss to the Colts, but they were dialed in on Sunday night and it is hard to imagine too many defenses that will be able to stand up to the kind of onslaught they laid on the Bucs.